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Tucked away in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana is HSM, Inc. Located approximately 25 miles south of Missoula in Stevensville, HSM is one of the leading independent suppliers of ammunition for law enforcement agencies throughout the country and is capable of supplying a full line of quality ammunition along with gun care products and accessories.

We provide ammunition to Federal and State agencies, Game and Fish Departments, College Security and most other law enforcement agencies around the country. The company has a very active brass exchange program, which allows agencies to procure quality ammunition at competitive prices. For many years HSM has provided sniper and counter-sniper ammunition to law enforcement agencies in .223, .308, .30-06, 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum. We are capable of manufacturing most specialty ammunition and have expanded our sniper ammunition line to include the manufacture of factory new 50 Caliber ammunition. Recent additions to our line are the 'Reduced Ricochet' Ammo for training and tactical use, and our Subsonic ammo in .223 and .308.

Since we have a brass trade-in program, we handle millions of pieces of brass returned from our customers. All our incoming brass must be processed in our Deprime area prior to loading. The brass is sorted, cleaned, deprimed, checked for cracks, and then counted. This program allows us to provide quality ammunition at a reduced price to customers that return the brass to us.

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Quality Ammunition

The Hunting Shack is entering its 30th year of providing quality ammunition and gun care accessories to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

Besides producing our own HSM line of ammo, for many years we were the number one distributor in the nation of law enforcement ammunition for CCI/Speer. We also are one of the top distributors of Winchester law enforcement ammunition as well.

For over 20 years we have been a full-line distributor for Hornady and Sierra products, and we also handle PMC, Springfield Armory, Nosler, Barnes and other well-known products. If it is ammo or firearms related, give us a call.

Facility Expansion

Our new facility has greatly expanded our production capacity and enhanced our ability to produce quality ammo. This view of the loading area shows some of the automated loaders used in production.

Always cramped for space in the old packaging area, personnel in the new area have plenty of room to move around in. The added space allows us to use a forklift to move ammo in and out which greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Our employees greatly appreciate not having to pack the boxes! We can also install more automated packaging equipment to increase our productivity.


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