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Law Enforcement and Military Specialty Ammunition

This ammunition line is available to law enforcement and military agencies. Authorized access is required to view test reports or ammunition prices. Please contact us for access to our secure log-in area.


338 Lapua Match Light Armor Penetrator

Blistering fast 188 gr. solid copper alloy with a special profile hardened steel tip for superb penetration of just about anything!

Outpenetrates the .50 BMG 647 gr. Light Armor Penetrator through 1" steel plate!

Superb accuracy! Less than .5 MOA!

3300+ fps

One round...all missions!


Glass Penetrator

Solid copper alloy with a special profile for superb penetration of automobile windshields and other glass.

This bullet was tested on bank glass and was found to be the only round successful in penetrating with minimal deflection. Tests cited were performed by Special Operations Unit of Boise City Police Department.

  • .338 - 250 grain - 2850 fps (.338 Lapua)
  • .308 - 168 grain - 2690 fps (.308 Winchester) Test Report
  • 6.8mm - 110 grain - 2600 fps (6.8 SPC)
  • .223 - 62 grain - 2840 fps (.223 Remington) Test Report


.223 Glass Penetrator through glass and into gel block.



CQE Tactical Entry Round

Solid copper alloy hollow point with a Delrin expander tip.

Excellent for tactical use without over penetrating walls, avoiding injury to fellow officers and civilians. Devastating on soft tissue.



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This 6” x 6” x 16-inch FBI-spec. gel block (10% calibration) was shot with an HSM CQE Tactical Entry Round from a distance of 10 feet. Test weapon was an AR15 Match Target Competition HBAR (7" twist) w/ 20 inch barrel. Note the limited penetration (5.5 inches) but extreme width of the radial fractures -- nearly as wide as the gel block itself. The lead free CQE  round is doing everything it was intended to do.

High-speed photo (1-2,000,000th-second flash duration) shows HSM CQE round exiting two, 6” x 6” sheets of wallboard (fixture provides FBI test spacing, simulating an interior wall). The CQE bullet totally disintegrates on impact with building materials, thus avoiding injury to fellow officers and civilians.

High-speed photo shows the HSM CQE round exiting a 6” x 6” x 2-inch thick section of FBI-spec. ballistic gelatin. At 3700 fps the CQE totally disintegrates in less than 2 inches, imparting high shock and promoting extreme hemorrhage.

The CQE was designed to stop fights -- while providing a margin of safety in the process.


Light Armor Piercing (L.A.P)

Lead and tungsten free copper-nickel alloy body with a hardened tool steel penetrator tip.

  • .223 - 51 grain - 3405 fps - This round defeats 1/4" steel plate at 200 yards with accuracy under 1 MOA to at least 300 yards.
  • .308 - 150 grain - 2900+ fps (.308 Winchester) - This round defeats 1/2" mild steel at 400 yards while shooting under 1 MOA.
  • .50 Cal - 647 grain - 2910 fps

Limited Penetration

Fragments easily on hard targets. Sub MOA.

  • .223 - 44 grain - Hollow Point.
  • .308 - 110 grain - Hollow Point.
  • Test Report

'High Rotation' (H.R.)

Lead and tungsten free copper alloy.

The wound channel begins to open to 1/2" at about 2.5" to 3" into the medium. Once the projectile reaches 4" the primary wound channel will open to a full 1" resulting in massive tissue damage. Maximum penetration to 16".

  • .223 - 56 grain - 3302 fps

Long Range

Solid copper alloy for use in extreme long-range accuracy applications.

  • .338 - 230 grain - 3050 fps (.338 Lapua)
  • .50 BMG - 773 grain - 2650 fps