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Hello, I just wanted to take a moment and drop you a line to say thank you. Recently, we ordered your .308 A-max round to take on as our duty SRT ammo for our snipers. I tested the ammo against some competitors with excellent results, we then ordered our 2006 order from The Hunting Shack. We are very pleased with the round to round consistency of your match rifle ammo, and the price is unbeatable. Being a moderate sized department with a matching budget, we needed a rifle round for our factory sniper rifles that was accurate, affordable, and dependable. Your ammo is sub.MOA in our rifles.

Thank you again for a very accurate, affordable product!
Detective Tim Riggs
Sniper Team Leader
Middletown Division of Police, OH

Moose I absolutely love the 350 JFp Kodiak cartridges you all put out. I've printed some 1" groups with care and bagged a rather nice 59" moose this year with the same. I've attached a picture for you brag board if you have one. Your ammo is great.

Clifton Reckley

Elk I was just inside the tree/brush line looking at a small elk herd in the clearing. A four point bull was walking away from me about 80 yards away. He finally moved clear of the other animals and started quartering to my right at the far edge of the clearing about 100 yards from where I was kneeling. My shot entered his right side, at the last complete rib and exited his left side through the rear edge of his front shoulder. The spun back toward me about 20 yards before he stopped and then he dropped. He was on the ground in less than 30 seconds from being shot. While the damage to usable meat was minimal the damage internally was devastating. The bullet did not appear to fragment, but the trauma caused him to bleed out almost immediately into the chest cavity. I was hunting with a S&W PC Hunter (500 Magnum) with the 10 5/8" barrel with a S&W 1.5-6x scope, using HSM 350gr "Law Enforcement" ammunition. For all the elk I have shot or witnessed in the past, I have never seen one drop anywhere near as fast from a chest shot (either rifle or handgun). The person who helped me was so impressed with the gun and ammo, he went out and bought a PC Hunter for himself and several boxes of HSM's 350gr ammunition as soon as he could. HSM - Keep up the good work!

Ron McFarlane

deerI bought an Armalite AR-30 chambered for .338 Lapua Magnum. Of course I didn't research the price of the ammo before buying the rifle. OOPS! At a price of almost $80.00 a box it was a real kick in the ribs to say the least. I ended up buying 3 boxes of actual Lapua Ammo. Not Cheap. The cartridge was loaded with a 300 gr HPBT Bullet directly from Lapua. The bullets performed good. I could keep 10 rounds in a 2.5 inch group at 200 yards. And for me, that was impressive, not having done a whole lot of shooting over a hundred yards. Well, not wanting to go out and break the bank on more Lapua ammo, I started researching the other options. Everybody was the same. Expensive! Except HSM. I ordered 2 boxes of there ammo at a fraction of the cost of what I paid for other brands. The ammo I ordered wasn't match, it was loaded with 250gr Grand Slam bullets. The next trip to the range was quite an experience. With the 250gr Grand Slams I shot groups of 10, and basically punched the bulls eye right out of the target. I couldn't believe it!! I've never shot that good before in my life. So, Now I send all my empties to The Hunting Shack for reloading. I'll never buy from anybody else. HSM is a far superior cartridge, for an unbeatable price. Try them out, you won't regret it!

Tom Borisch
Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Target with a dime for measurement. Bullet hole in target is half the size of the dime right above the bullseye.Thought that you may want to see the results of your 69 gr. .223 ammo fired in my SR-15. Each group is three shots at 100 yards. Keep up the great product!

Greg May

I have a stock AR 15 with a stock military barrel chrome lined which is 1X7 twist with a 3X9 scope. HSM ammo in this rifle is great. I use your 55 gr. FMJ and I must say at 100 meters I can punch out the center of the targets. At 300 meters my grouping is a little more sloppy, but they are still in the center. I save all of my brass as I will send it all back to HSM.

Bob Martin

deer deer Recently my father-in-law, Skip Rapp purchased some 300 Rem. Ultra. 200 gr. Grand Slam ammo from The Hunting Shack and I used it on a whitetail deer hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada. These pics are of the deer I harvested using your ammo. Note he is a main frame 5X5 with a sticker in his right beam. He has a gross sore of 167 1/8. I sighted in my rifle using HSM ammo and its pattern. Better than the factory ammo I have used in the past. deer The only thing I have concern about is that when I harvested my deer, it was a 30 yard shot with the deer quartering to me and the bullet did not pass through. He only traveled 60 to 70 yards before expiring, but did not leave any blood trail. I have harvested many animals with this rifle and have always had an exit wound, so I thought I would let you know my experience. I still have a box left and plan on finishing my hunting season at home with it.

Ron Martin
Post Falls, ID

Elk Here's a photo of a spike elk I just got in the back country. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to answer my emails. I hope you don't mind me sending you photos of the animals that I get with your ammo during the hunting season, I love to hunt.

J.D. Hally

In Remembrance of Jim Hally...

Jim Hally, 35 of Boise Idaho was on a fishing trip December 17th 2006 when his truck lost control on a snow packed mountain road and went over a cliff and was killed. He was a very avid hunter and loved the outdoors and his family and loved to shoot with his sister Meg Chamberlain of Boise Idaho. Jim will be forever missed from his family and friends. Jim was an avid customer of the hunting shack for his hunting needs. I spoke with Jim's brother via email and he replied to one with a statement containing. "Since Jim's departure from us I bet the Idaho elk population will be safe". Jim was a good shot and bagged 1 elk 1 moose and 2 deer three weeks before he went to be with the lord.

We will forever miss you and your smile Jimbo.
Adam Meider Houston TX

I just returned from a Wyoming prairie dog hunt. Your .243 police ammo with the 75 gr v max bullet performed magnificently. I killed dogs at 714 and 750 yards and many in the 400 to 600 yard range. I used my 30 year old Remington 700 BDL with a bipod from the ground. It was great!!

Steve Andiorio
Wayne, NJ

I own a Blaser R93 LRS and love it. All of the Match ammo I usually feed it works fine. I picked-up some of your 308 168gr bthp Match at Sportco, in Fife Wa and was getting a very easy .5 group at 100 and a 1 inch and under at 200 and the cost of your ammunition is half the cost of the top line out there. Whatever the hell you are doing, keep doing it and stay in business,...please.

Scott Trbovich

DeerThe Hunting Shack fixed me up with a great set of loads for my bazooka, and they put some .300 Win Mag silver bal tip loads together that can hit a nat on the fly at 1000 yards i found out. 1st shot at about 300 yards on a 3x3 buck and it dropped like a rock across a ravine! This is so impressive to me, I had to praise the great loads as I used to reload my own BT bullets, these surpass and outperform anything that I have loaded and shot at the range! As for the Cleaning kit provided by the Shack, it is superb! I've cleaned 8 firearms with it, both in the field and at home and love it! The layout of the kit is fantastic, as it contains all needed calibers, brass rods, tips, oils and patches. It is definitely handy, with the metal case compact and tough riding in the back of a pickup. I especially like the pistol hand grip twist for qwik cleaning when shooting handguns, for target cheap loads as the powder is dirtier. Its a real fast fix, and very handy at the range. The price is really great too!! Sure makes digging for the rite caliber patches, brushes and rods a thing of the past... Buy one!!! I realize this is a new product, but recommend one for every serious outdoorsman!!! P.S. the professionalism and help of the Staff at the Hunting Shack is unsurpassed in my experience (for what its worth!) across North America and Europe!!

Court Poulsen

varmint varmint varmint

I am a varmint hunter in the great state of Texas. I would like to commend everyone who takes part in the manufacturing of your ammo. I own one of the new 204's and decided on your 33 grain Calhoun double HP's. It is hands down the most accurate bullet for this caliber. I have tried the rest.

These pictures of varmints were taken within the last few weeks. No animals have done more than twitch a leg or raise a tail. It is absolutely fantastic, hopefully this feedback will help other hunters decide there is only one bullet for the .204 and it comes in an ORANGE BOX.

Jerry D. Gibbs